Restaurant Review : Belmond Le Manoir aux Quat'Saisons


If I could push this to 6 stars I would - purely because the staff are frankly the best in the world. You can tell they all
Love their job, or at least they can act it! It seems a strong hierarchy or manager has sewn seeds of excellence in this yard. 

The environment you walk into, not quite a stately home, but it’s got to be close - gardens to mooch around in after your 4 ( or was it 5 ) courses. I want to say that everything on our plate was reared in the area or grown on their land. 

The wine chosen was fantastic, I wish I’d chosen it myself - my memory fails me who did, or whether the chicken we ate was born within spitting distance - but what I can say is that we all left smiling, albeit blushed & bloated from food ( or was it the walk?! )

Stevie Thomas