Restaurant Review : The Distillery

I am so elated that The Distillery has landed on Portobello. It is a wonderful addition to the area that is peppered with the finest characters & staff this beautiful venue has always deserved. 

Like a cannon in the night this venture shook us all - what would happen to our cherished Ground Floor, what would they be offering & when will we be able to come in and drink the bar dry. 

All these questions were answered in one foul swoop, GIN was at the top of the list, and the house pour is Portobello Gin.. perfect. And every single one I’ve had there has been utterly fantastic and too tempting not to have a return strike at the cocktail menu. 

The food is brilliant too - the dedicated space is so fun, and busy - but in a great way. You are a part of the scenery without even realising; the movement, the swell of a bustling, exciting restaurant. 

Being a regular is an easy thing to do, the red booth seating calls you in like an old girlfriend in a coffee shop window. You go in for just a chat but end up lost in conversation. See you at the bar..!

Stevie Thomas